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This tradition, called the Circle of Life COLis an "intertribal cancer prevention program focused on breast health education" and is specifically implemented among American Indian AI women Using the COL as framework, the authors aimed to achieve "cultural congruency" in exploring, discovering, and identifying the different dimensions concerning breast health education and promotion effectiveness in the context of AI women's culture -- specifically, Comanche women Harmonized understanding of the Comanche community, female and health cultures led to an understanding of factors that could significantly determine the effectiveness of initiatives related to breast health education e. As rationale and support to the authors' decision to use the COL framework in the study, the situational analysis and review of literature centered on the criticality of understanding breast health as understood and perceived by Comanche women.

Circle essay

These programs are all eagerly set into place and intend to promote better, safer, and more modern living conditions with the use of technology. Applying the use of numerous ethical reasoning approaches, these programs can be examined in a series of ways to understand whether they are truly ethical or not.

Programs such as ChildTrack, SeeChange, Past Perfect and SoulSearch go back and forth between being ethical or unethical depending on which ethical reasoning approach is applied. ChildTrack, later known as TruYouth, is developed by the character, Francis, and his passion for this program originates from an unfortunate event in his childhood where his sister was abducted and never found.

Circle essay

In order for the common good to be successful and well-functioning, everyone must be cooperative and selfless. Selflessness is an important characteristic in achieving the common good because this approach is built on a foundation of humanity.

If individuals only were to seek self interests and benefits for themselves, the common good would collapse. Examining this program through the common good ethical reasoning approach, with no doubt we can call this program to be an ethical one.

Not only does this ease the mind Circle essay parents, but also helps the police force quickly find child abductors in a significantly reduced amount of time to safely return the child to home. On the other hand, looking at this program through the speculation of the Rights Approach, we can conclude this program is unethical as it violates basic human rights.

With the rights approach, every aspect of decision making should be concerned on preserving the rights we own as human, both positive and negative.

No decision should even in the slightest way infringe on a right that is Circle essay to us by the government or a natural right we are born with. A right we have is a right to our body, even as a child we have the right to make decisions about our body and by embedding a tracker in our bone without consent, this is an evident violation and proves ChildTrack to be unethical, despite the good intentions it has.

The program SeeChange leads to a nationwide installation of lollipop sized cameras to achieve live viewer access to many locations over the world. Bailey then goes into a deeper perspective about the use of SeeChange and expresses the many benefits of always having the public on display.

He arises the concern with police using extensive and unnecessary force on citizens and talks about how this issue would be eliminated if police knew they were always under surveillance.

The underlying avocation of SeeChange is that people act more moral and behave better when they know they are being watched. Mercer believes the SeeChange cameras are an extensive evasion of the right to privacy, and also always being watched is unethical because it violates the human right of ours to be left alone.

With the fairness approach, we can also conclude that SeeChange cameras are unethical for a multitude of reasons. The fairness approach has the priority to ensure everyone is served equally and receives what they deserve.

Circle essay

The first one being that even though not everyone agrees with the installation of the cameras, they are continually being installed in various locations without consent of the majority of the public. This is a major contender for calling the SeeChange cameras unethical because it is not fair to have the public watched if not every citizens consents to it.

Unequal treatment is anther way the fairness Approach can prove something to be unethical, and the SeeChange cameras could only equally impact the lives of everyone if they were all placed in the same place and monitored the same things.

PastPerfect is a program the nearly destroys the well being of Annie when she volunteers to be used at the first test subject of the program. With extensive back tracking into history with the use of documents, photos, and videos, an individual can be brought light to the past of their ancestors.

Annie feels exposed and humiliated as she finds out her ancestors had a history of slave owning. Staring from enslaving the Irish, to coming to the U. S on the Mayflower and enslaving African Americans.

With the rights approach, PastPerfect is ethical. PastPerfect is ethical under the rights approach because an individual has the right to seek knowledge of their past and their ancestry.

In fact, humans should have the right to know where they came from even if dark pasts are revealed. Annie faces discrimination from circle members as news spreads around campus of her evil slave owning descendents.

Using the justice approach, PastPerfect can be seen as a unethical program because of the burden it can put on users.

Annie is treated different after the use of PastPerfect which violates a principle of the justice approach, being treated negatively for something she has no control over.

Soul Search was a program that immediately set off a red light for being unethical. With the loyalty of billions of viewers and an abundance of cameras set up globally, Soul Search serves the purpose of being able to find anyone in a matter of minutes.

When showcased to the audience, Soul Search is first demonstrated to the audience by hunting down a murderer.

Civilians act like a wild pack of animals chasing after the woman and soon surround her as she surrenders herself. In second demonstration, Mae boldly chooses to search for Mercer, as a playful way to show him the power of The Circle.

Civilians again are rallied up and hunt for Mercer and stalk him and drive him out of his which leads to a car chase. Soul Search does not serve benefits to all the people and in this case with Mercer, it negatively impacted the viewers lives who watched his tragic death.The Circle Dave Eggers The Circle essays are academic essays for citation.

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Page 1 of 4. The dialogic imagination four essays bakhtin circle; Turn over a new leaf essay birches imagery analysis essay the gift essay portfolio p seminar beispiel essay dissertationsdatenbank innsbruck apartments megaessays review The Vienna Circle was a group of early twentieth-century philosophers who sought to reconceptualize empiricism by means of their interpretation of then recent advances in the physical and formal sciences.

In order to create this new theater, Brecht breaks the dramatic illusion of reality. The spectators should be reminded they are watching a constructed play (such as the play within a play in Caucasian Chalk Circle), because they should understand that all reality is a human construct, and thus can be changed.

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