Concepts designating emotions

The reason why this is regarded as negative is that the feeling of pleasure and pain is responsible for our attachment to the world and, more importantly, for our attachment to the self and therefore presents an obstacle to liberation. For this reason, any emotion is deemed to have a negative influence on the individual.

Concepts designating emotions

Messenger Words work as a glue, allowing us to group together different experiences under one label. This is especially true for concepts that we cannot see or touch.

Google, Author provided The difference between concrete and abstract concepts has been researched by a large body of scientific studies.

This research has demonstrated that concrete concepts are far more easily learned and remembered than abstract ones.

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Clinical studies conducted on patients with damages in specific brain areas reveal that some patients lose the ability to understand and Concepts designating emotions abstract concepts but not concrete ones. This is because abstract and concrete concepts are processed in different, although overlapping, brain areas.

Imagine that an alien came from outer space and wanted to learn your language. It turns out that explaining how our daily experiences shape the meaning of concepts is important. For concrete concepts, this works fairly well: What is it exactly that gives concepts their meaning?

A great academic debate revolves around this topic. There are two main schools of thought: Both views assume that we understand and represent all concepts according to the same underlying principles, be they concrete or abstract.

The difference, they argue, may lie in the type of information that these concepts convey. The symbolic cognition camp, on the other hand, suggests that concepts are represented in our mind through symbols that are not tied to our experiences. Instead, we understand its meaning by aggregating bits of information via abstract symbols such as the zeroes and the ones inside a computer.

According to this view, the mind operates on mental symbols like a bodyless computer, without reenacting every time previous experiences with these concepts. This would be the case for both concrete and abstract concepts.

Concepts designating emotions

And language is a powerful tool that can be used to bend, invent and change experiences. As humans, we construct meaning using language. Words are not just labels that we attach to concepts and ideas that are manipulated and combined at a deeper cognitive level. Words construct meaning and allow us to form, combine and elaborate complex thoughts that would otherwise be impossible to handle.

While concrete concepts are mainly made of information derived from perceptual experience, abstract concepts are mainly made of language. And as such, abstract concepts represent the highest and most sophisticated achievement in the evolution of language, and probably a major turning point in the evolution of humankind.In the interactive view of emotions, framing rules, feeling rules, and emotion work are interrelated (see Figure ).

Concepts of Emotions in Modern Philosophy and Psychology - Oxford Handbooks

Framing rules that define the emotional meaning of situations lead to feeling rules that tell us what we should feel or have a right to feel in a given context. For concrete concepts, this works fairly well: colours, shapes, textures, flavours, sounds, smells and everything that we perceive through our bodies contribute to shape the meaning of concrete concepts.

scientific concepts of emotion and cultural identities (sceci) The project investigates (a) the concepts of emotion that medical and psychological research produced between the s and s, and asks (b) if .

1) decreases the likelihood of hostile emotions, but increases the likelihood of aggressive behavior in viewers. 2) has a negative impact on preschool children, but does not increase aggression in older children.

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3) is common on nighttime programming, but perpetrators are almost always punished. Teach Emotion Concepts and Facial Expressions One of the best and most resourceful websites for teaching emotions is the Do2Learn website which gives providers a wealth of interactive activities and print materials for a variety of ability levels.

UNIT 8 HUMAN EMOTIONS AT WORK Objectives Emotion, motivation and attitudes are related concepts. All the three have affective component which creates the state of readiness to act towards certain object, person or event in positive or negative way.

Emotion and motivation have linguistically Human Emotions at Work.

Concepts of Emotions in Modern Philosophy and Psychology - Oxford Handbooks