I am god s masterpiece essay writer

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I am god s masterpiece essay writer

April 8, at 4: I gulped staring down at the grotesque mess on the ground. The smell of death crept into my senses and forced its way into my thoughts not letting go as it latched on. Feelings of regret and worry filled my mind but were hushed by a unexpected feeling of satisfaction.

The bloody bat was gripped by my shaking hands still as I took a moment to recompose myself. I stared down at the victim taking the result of my effort in. A thick head of brown hair in a mess with stains and smudges of red over it from the deed.

I stared at the dent in her skull with some blood seeping then at the bloody bat. I remembered that I was in her house. The neighbours probably called the cops by now or would soon so I need to hurry.

I jumped into her kitchen and looked around for trashbags. I had previously decided I only had one way to dispose of the mess once I did it. I froze staring at the beautiful woman on the floor now covered in an unnatural red that radiated off of her milky white skin.

I took a breath and nodded my head before grabbing her legs and beginning to pull her lower body into the bag being careful to not harm the body. The deadweight of her lifeless corpse made it hard. I wanted to stop it was something I was going to be stuck with now till my worthless self died.

The satisfaction and rush I just got were disgusting but there, she was suffereing anyway. Her life had gone downhill over the months and she had begun drinking. She never drank before. Tears rolled down my face as I chewed on my tongue trying to trick my own brain.

She left you for no good reason. My heart froze as I started at a letter with my name on it. I felt desperation return and overcome my mind. I snatched the letter and began to read as fast and clearly as I could manage. I realised I was wrong Gerald. I let the idea of someone new and mysterious lead my astray and what for?

I left this here to give at least my reasoning Gerald. You sat up all night and obsessed in the spiral of crime and only focused on it. I left to give us both time to calm down and then soon discuss like adults but you snapped.

We could of had back our amazing life and US but you just let it go.

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Shock and anger filled me as I thought back to what I just did earlier within the last the twenty or so minutes. Realization sunk is as guilt barreled into my heart and slammed every which way. She had stood there and not fought back.Wood engraving by William Blake, –21, for Robert John Thornton's Pastorals of Virgil.

× cm. Courtesy of the trustees of the British Museum; photograph, J.R.

i am god s masterpiece essay writer

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