Issue in strategic management in vietnam vinamilk case

However, the deal value has not been disclosed. Following the merger, Southern Bank shareholders obtained a 0. The merged entity, to be called Sacombank, will have a charter capital of more than VND

Issue in strategic management in vietnam vinamilk case

And initial public offerings IPOs are expected for conglomerates including the national shipping lines, Vinalines. The motivation for this latest flurry of activity does not come from ideological change or even recognition of the need for structural reforms to improve medium-term growth prospects.

Rather, it comes from the more immediate need to finance the budget deficit and to rein in public debt. As a result, public debt is approaching the limit set by the National Assembly of 65 per cent of GDP.

Of more concern to the government is that a portion of this debt is being funded through domestically-issued securities with average maturities of less than seven years.

And even the rollover of long-term development funds cannot be relied upon as Vietnam secures its status as a middle-income country.

That this is a scramble for cash by the government is obvious in light of the recent rumour that citizens should hand over their gold holdings to the government in exchange for paper certificates.

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Emphasising the seriousness of this fiscal pressure, the Financial Plan for — approved by the National Assembly in November provides for measures to improve tax revenue and rein in expenditure, as well as for the acceleration of SOE restructuring and divestment.

Luckily for the government, this seems to be a good time in the market to accelerate the divestment of the SOEs. Mergers and acquisitions with foreign investors are high, the stock market is gaining momentum and blue chip companies have high valuations.

But one danger lies in the internal governance and valuations of some of the very large SOEs. A few years ago, the Dung Quat oil refinery was not profitable, partly because of the reduction in the gasoline tariff.

Large, sophisticated investors, whether local or from abroad, would likely question the accounting methodologies and price assumptions behind the prospectus, but small retail investors may be caught unaware of the reality.

On the other hand, if issues concerning internal governance were to be widely publicised, the government may have difficulty with some of the IPOs.

Acquired % in Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company, known as Vinamilk. Vinamilk is the leading dairy producer in Vietnam. The interest now stands at %. Nov 06,  · The Office of Management and Budget Circular No. A, Part 6, requires nearly every government agency to issue Strategic Plans, Annual Performance Plans and Annual Performance Reports. United States Government, Public Sector Morrison & Foerster LLP 6 Nov Vo Tri Thanh, deputy head of the Central Institute for Economic Management, said if the government wants to keep Vinashin in business, it would be imperative for the firm to restructure its debts, clean up its balance sheet and define the role of lenders, who could decide new business strategy and establish a new board and new governance systems.

In the highly non-transparent environment where many of these large SOEs operate, extreme valuations at either end could occur.

The Vietnamese government should also be aware that selling its SOEs is not a silver bullet.

Issue in strategic management in vietnam vinamilk case

Even in the more profitable Vinamilk, the state will maintain ownership over 36 per cent of the company after privatisation — enough to retain veto rights. With the approval of the Financial Plan for — last November, the National Assembly also stipulated that the recapitalisation of banks should not receive any budget funding.

It is hoped that the current speed up in privatisation will help in this regard, but given the hurdles the government faces, there is no guarantee of this.Special Issue: Strategic Management in Africa Institutional Complementarity and Substitution as an Internationalization Strategy: The Emergence of an African Multinational Giant.

Issue in strategic management in vietnam vinamilk case

Authors. John Luiz, The role of distance in internationalization: institutional complementarity and substitution. The issues, which bought Vietnam Commercial Bank to its knees, are also highly reminiscent of what happened in Indonesia during the mid s when many tycoons had their own pet bank, which they used as a corporate cash cow.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Ethics Essay Sample. With the booming development of the world’s economic, the term Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) is becoming very familiar with many companies.

Issue in Strategic Management in Vietnam - Vinamilk Case Essay. great contribution to the success of Vinamilk – the leading dairy company in Vietnam. Vinamilk chooses diversification strategy in order to reduce the risks, meet the customers’ higher demands and increase the competitive strength.

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