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They shall be construed and administered to secure the just, speedy, and inexpensive determination of every action. Upon request of the plaintiff, separate or additional summons shall issue against any defendants.

Research writing civil litigation assignment

Owners of operating interests, the cost-bearing working interest, must bear, in addition to the risks Research writing civil litigation assignment geological misinterpretations, mechanical failures, environmental obstructionists, and confiscatory taxation, the financial burden of nonoperating interests.

The owners of nonoperating interests, in their simplest form, have no control over the decisions that dictate whether the lease that is burdened by their interest will be drilled or abandoned. Since nonoperating interests, absent contractual protection or special circumstances, expire or terminate at the same time as the lease that they are carved out of, there are thousands of sad stories of landmen and geologists who assigned a lease to an operator in exchange for an overriding royalty interest, then watched helplessly as their lease expired, without any effort on the part of the operator to develop it, only to discover that the operator had taken a new lease from the same lessor, covering the same lands, but free and clear of their overriding royalty interest.

The courts have never hesitated to enforce written provisions in grants and assignments of nonoperating interests which give the owners a say in the operation of a lease.

Research writing civil litigation assignment

Even in the absence of a written agreement, the courts have been able, with some regularity, to recognize the difference between a shrewd operator and an unscrupulous one, and to construct rules and remedies designed to protect the nonoperating interest owner from the latter.

This paper will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the nonoperating interest, and summarize recent court decisions that have altered the rights and liabilities traditionally associated with ownership of such interests. Wishing to show no preference for the burden or the burdened, the author will also discuss the protection that current laws afford to both the nonoperating interest owner who seeks to ensure the perpetuation of his or her interest and the operating interest owner who seeks to limit the influence that the nonoperating interest owner can exert over operations.

It can be created through a conveyance, but it is more commonly created by a reservation in the assignment or transfer of an oil and gas lease. It is a nonpossessory interest that attaches only when its share of oil and gas is reduced to possession, giving the owner no right, absent an agreement to the contrary, to participate in decisions with regard to the development and operation of the burdened lease.

In reality, courts will usually characterize an override as an interest in real property for purposes that affect the land involved, and as a personal property interest for purposes of payments that arise from the interest.

With the exceptions noted below, the legal precedents set forth in the cases discussed herein will apply interchangeably to all nonoperating interests. Thus, in any state where an overriding royalty is considered to be realty, a production payment should also be a present interest in land.

Because an overriding royalty interest is usually considered an interest in real property, the Statute of Frauds requires that a grant or reservation of an override be in writing.

Absent circumstances supporting equitable relief such as reliance and part performance, an oral agreement that an override reserved by an assignor will attach to any extension or renewal of the burdened lease is unenforceable.

In the absence of an extension or renewal clause in the assignment that reserves the override, or circumstances creating a fiduciary duty between the overriding royalty owner and the lessee, the courts are reluctant to extend an overriding royalty beyond the term of the burdened lease, even when the lessee takes a new lease prior to expiration or surrender of the old.

This is especially true when, as is often the case, the burdened lease contains a provision that the lessee can surrender or abandon it at any time. Such was the situation confronting the Oklahoma Supreme Court in the case of Rees v.

No other consideration was involved. But if such forfeiture or surrender is obtained by fraud or collusion between the landowner and the lessee for the purpose of avoiding or cutting out the overriding royalty interest holder and the substitution of a new lease directly to the lessee, then a court of equity may grant relief to the overriding royalty holder against such forfeiture or surrender.

Hughes, [47] which interpreted an assignment of an oil and gas lease from Probst to Hughes that reserved an override and that provided: It is clear that the new lease had different terms than the original lease.

Although the record contained evidence sufficient to support a determination that Hughes owed a fiduciary duty to Probst i. It was also established that at the time Independent took the protection lease, it still believed the prior lease had value.

The facts of this case bring [the protection lease] squarely within the purview of the principles previously outlined [in Probst].

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The courts in these jurisdictions will still impose fiduciary duties on the assignor and assignee if circumstances of bad faith or illicit conduct exist.

CRA drilled three of the four leases acquired by Howell, but refused for no apparent reason to drill on the last lease, which it released upon the expiration of its primary term. CRA then proceeded to take a new lease on the undrilled tract, but refused to assign Howell any override.

The court held that the circumstances of the agreement between CRA and Howell created a confidential relationship between the parties that entitled Howell to an override in the new lease: Lillibridge greatly narrows the scope of protection provided by an express extension or renewal clause, at least in the Tenth Circuit.

Unless the terms and conditions of the second lease are essentially the same as those of the original lease, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals will not give effect to the extension or renewal clause.

In Sunac Petroleum Corp. It was ultimately determined that the lessor was correct and that the prior lease had expired more than a year prior to the execution of the protection lease, as a result of an innocent mistake with regard to pooling.

The court found no evidence that either party occupied a position of confidence or trust in relation to the other.

This is not to say that there would never be a time where a fiduciary relationship could have been created, but in the present case, the inclusion of boiler plate language [i. Sawyer alleged that the penalty for such malfeasance should be the extension of his override to the new leases taken by Guthrie.

Such a provision does not appear in the Leases or other contracts relating thereto, and the Court will not imply such a provision under the duty of good faith and fair dealing. In other words, the concept of good faith and fair dealing is not a limitless one.

The implied obligation must arise from the language used or it must be indispensable to effectuate the intention of the parties.

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In the absence of evidence of self-dealing or breach of community standards of decency, fairness or reasonableness, the exercise of contractual rights alone will not be considered a breach of the covenant.

The Court will not contradict the express language of the Agreements by interpreting a duty of good faith and fair dealing on the contracts to mean that Defendants are required to drill on and on, on every portion of the land, until all possible minerals are extracted from the land covered by the [prior leases].

Hanson argued and the court agreed that his override was to be calculated on the basis of the terms of the assignment, i. Two years later, Post obtained a new lease on the same property which was eventually assigned to and drilled by Sohio.

Cities sued claiming it was entitled to its override in the new lease. Kennedy, father of the late President of the United States, who are living on the effective date of this assignment. It is acquired only by contract, and is payable in the amount and to the person designated by the contract.Brewer, Attorneys & Counselors is a firm of choice for resolving major disputes in the hospitality industry.

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§ Introduction.

An adversarial relationship, the result of conflicting economic interests, exists between the operating and nonoperating interest owners in an oil and gas lease. When you’re looking for commercial space, you’ll be asking for just the right amount of square footage, for the time period you expect to remain in that location.

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Brewer, Attorneys & Counselors is a firm of choice for resolving major disputes in the hospitality industry. The firm has represented internationally known hotel franchisors, management companies, owners, developers, and investors in many of the most high-profile, big-stakes cases in the industry.