Save the great white shark from

In an exclusive interview Sunday with CBS Los AngelesSteven Robles sat in the front yard of his Lomita home, with a cast on his arm and his shirt splayed opened to reveal the bloodied lines where shark teeth ripped into his torso. I'm still rattled, my nerves are still shaky," Robles told reporter Joy Benedict, adding that he feels residual soreness and tightness in his chest and has no sensation in his right thumb.

Save the great white shark from

Video Transcript Transcript for New video shows kayaker attacked by great white shark Look at this. One man's terrifying close encounter with a shark all caught on camera. That great white, first took a bite out of his kayak and then it moved in for him.

ABC's linsey Davis is at new York's orchard beach with us with what you need to know as shark season gets under way on the east coast. Good morning, Dan and Paula. It turns out shark season is pretty much synonymous with summer season and the reason is simple.

Save the great white shark from

When the water warms up, the sharks are more likely to show up and thanks to today's technology we're even more likely to end up with footage of the encounter.

It's the stuff of nightmares. That person just got knocked off by a shark. Watch this as he's being attacked by a great white in Monterey. The shark's fin breaches the water as it stalks the kayaker.

A nearby couple captured every moment when it occurred in March before the kayak took refuge on a sailboat passing by. It might seem like a scene right out of "Jaws" but shark encounters are increasing from coast to coast and as summer kicks off this memorial day weekend beachgoers are being warned to watch out for the ocean's most feared predator.

Exit the water in a wall manner. Earlier this month Orange county sheriff's department spotted over a dozen great whites just off the San Clemente coastline. You are paddleboarding next to approximately 15 great white sharks.

On the east coast in April, this girl was bitten by a shark in Florida waters left with multiple wounds and more than stitches.


She's got the complete bite imprint of a big shark on her thigh. Dave salamoni says many things can attract a hark. Its fast motion that they'll be interested in and they'll investigate with their mouth.

The good news while sightings are common attacks are rare. Sharks are swimming alongside people all the time.

Let them do their thing.

Woman survives rare great white shark attack in Sydney's Botany Bay

The kayaker in this video was successfully rescued and later posted online, I suspect that I just joined a very small club, one I never wanted to join. Some quick tips in order to stay safe. Avoid swimming at dusk and dawn and stay away from sales and avoid wearing shiny objects that they could mistake for a fish and last but not least, key and where I would most likely fail, because quick motion is most likely to attract their attention.

If you find yourself face-to-face with a great white stay calm and move away slowly, Dan and Paula. I'm sure people cool and calm like Y guys could easily do that.

I'd have a bit of a problem. It would be so easy to stay calm. I love how the animal expert it's just the way sharks investigate with their mouth, totally reassureing.

Linsey, great to have you this weekend. Great to see you. You match Adrienne Bankert.

The shark was found at White Crest Beach in Wellfleet on Sunday. People continuously poured water over it and even dug out a stream in . In , Peter Benchley released Jaws, a horror novel that sold 20 million copies, spawned an iconic film—and catapulted the great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) to infamy. Although the. Due to various geographical reasons, water temperatures and easy access to food, this area has earned worldwide fame and recognition as the single most successful area to view the great white shark within a very short period of time.

I think you guys have the same shirt on. We got the same exact yellow shirt. Towboat captains capture incredible footage of great white sharks in Long Beach, California. The pair spotted about 13 sharks swimming just 50 feet from the shore.


Great white shark spotted on beach in California Now Playing: Kat Graham's guide to getting Dior ready Now Playing: Should you use technology to 'spy' on your kids?

Will Beto O'Rouke supporters ever forgive Beyonce? A bride-to-be allegedly read cheating fiance's texts aloud at their wedding Now Playing:Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Feared by beach goers throughout the world, Great Whites are the largest predatory sharks in the world.

With huge, gaping jaws, razor-sharp teeth, and the ability to accelerate to over 35 mph underwater, the Great White is a fierce predator. Thank you for your passion and support!

You can help save sharks by telling everyone you know to watch Sharkwater and spread the word. We need to give sharks a new image and make ocean conservation a part of our daily lives. Click here for more about saving sharks and to send this to a friend. The book "surfing with the great white Shark" by Kenny Doubt is a must reading for all surfers on the Pacific Coast.

Kenny Doubt writes a vivid and compelling story of his encounter with the most feared preditor of oceans. Watch video · A new video shows the dramatic rescue of a beached great white shark off the coast of Chatham, Mass.

on Monday. The video, posted to YouTube, shows the great white gasping for breath, its tail. The great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) is the largest of all shark species that mainly inhabits in the coastal waters and other significant oceans.

Teenager Zoe Steyn had a miracle escape after a Great White shark grabbed her surfboard in its giant jaws and shook her off into the water. Schoolgirl Zoe, 13, was 75 metres off shore waiting to.

Save the great white shark from
Teenager's miracle escape from Great White shark attack