The omnivores dilemma essay

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The omnivores dilemma essay

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The omnivores dilemma essay

Shocking as it might seem, Pollan proves page by page that we literally are becoming what we eat. Well of course, I thought, if you eat a lot of French fries and hamburgers, you become fat. If you eat plenty of salads and fruits, you stay thin. Shockingly more than a quarter of the The worse thing is that corn, the main ingredient of about everything we eat and drink, contains cheap energy, which means many calories and — when eaten in the form of meat — sometimes even microbes like E-coli.

But then again, how could we? The variety we see is nothing but mere repetition. I felt deceived in so many ways. Before reading this book I was pro-organic food.

I preached to my friends that even though you might pay a little more money, organic food was way healthier and the animals were treated with more respect. The packages make it seem as if the eggs come from a family farm where chickens and cows can freely graze, while actually methods of industrial agriculture pesticides, fertilizer, small storages stuffed with chickens etc.

I put products in my basket, wondering why a salad is equally expensive as and sometimes even more expensive than a burger. Customers choose their products randomly, having no idea where they came from, blindly trusting the information on packages, on billboards and in advertising.

The information is being kept from us on purpose.

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Pollan describes our ignorance as an invisible wall that the food industry has put between the consumer and the preparation of the food.

And the food industry is trying really hard to keep that wall firm and high by using simple tricks: This way we can start tearing it down. Pollan has offered us a ladder and, instead of filling our shopping chart with food we know nothing about, we have to climb that ladder and look over that wall.

Only then we will see the truth. And I believe, just like Pollan does, that every human being has the right to be informed. Only if you get all information, you will be able to make a free decision as to what you will eat.Jan 28,  · The story of how basic questions about what to eat got so complicated reveals a great deal about the institutional imperatives of the food industry, nutritional science and journalism.

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Omnivores’ Dilemma Rhetorical Analysis In The Omnivores’ Dilemma Michael Pollen’s objective is address, educate and convince the reader by analyzing our diets.

The omnivores dilemma essay

He mentions we have become oblivious to what we are eating. Michael Pollan is the author of five books: Second Nature, A Place of My Own, The Botany of Desire, which received the Borders Original Voices Award for the best nonfiction work of and was recognized as a best book of the year by the American Booksellers Association and Amazon, and the national bestellers, The Omnivore's Dilemma, and In Defense of Food.

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