Write a letter to your friend about the prize giving ceremony of your school

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Write a letter to your friend about the prize giving ceremony of your school

Team TRF Running Program Letters of Appreciation I would like to take the time to thank you and the foundation for providing the funding help for a comfortable bed and making it possible to get rid of the two hospital beds and purchase one split king size bed that has an adjustable base and will perform just as well as an hospital bed would but will allow my spouse and myself to sleep together in comfort like any other couple.

This grant enabled him to have hand controls put in his truck. When my son received the email approving the grant, we were elated and felt so blessed. This grant has given him the independence he needs to continue to be the son, dad, brother and wonderful person that he is.

We are humbled by the generosity of the foundation and how they have and continue to help SCI people.

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Words will never express the gratitude we feel for this amazing gift. Thank you, Sandy Dunn Within 2 weeks of my wife submitting a grant request to the Travis Roy Foundation for a ceiling lift we received notification that our grant was approved.

I was blown away with the generosity and speediness of the request. The ceiling lift is the single most used piece of equipment every day. We are so happy we have had the pleasure of meeting Travis 2 times in the past year and have been able to personally thank him.

He is such a kind and selfless person and we are so grateful. On July 3rd I broke my neck at the C6-C7 level which resulted in a spinal cord injury. During the months of rehabilitation that followed, the importance of being vigilant for and preventing skin pressure wounds was emphasized over and over.

My Sleep Number bed plays an important role in accomplishing this task.

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The bed equalizes the pressure on my skin along the sleep surface, I can adjust the firmness of the bed for activities such as dressing and I can lift the head of the bed to make activities like reading and watching TV much more comfortable.

Thank you again for making this possible and helping me toward achieving my goal of independent living Michael Delisle Please relay my thanks to the folks of the Travis Ropy Foundation for providing me with funds to purchase a Smartdrive for my wheelchair. I am very grateful for this technology and it is, and will likely continue to be, a positive change in my life.

write a letter to your friend about the prize giving ceremony of your school

I would not have had the opportunity to experience this assistance without the TRF funding. After over 40 years as a wheelchair user, my wrists, elbows and shoulders are pretty well shot. This transition from an active life to a more sedate existence has been difficult for me psychologically, however, this device allows me to continue to get out and about without further degrading my arms.

It gives my arms a bit of a rest and that helps me regain and maintain a positive attitude! I am very grateful for you financial assistance. Thank you again for helping me purchase this device. InKiland suffered a serious spinal cord injury level C6 in a diving accident.

He is unable walk and has limited use of his hands. After his injury, access to our bathroom and the use of the shower was extremely difficult and frustrating for him.

We took off the doors to our walk in shower, but he still had to transfer to a bench. Now, at 18 years of age, he is wanting more independence and privacy. With the modification and roll in shower he is able to take a full shower without my help.

He simply rolls his shower chair into the shower and relaxes in private. He can also use the sink with ease. The modification has been life changing for him. Kiland is so happy, that any family member who visits, he wants to show them his new bathroom.

We cannot thank the Travis Roy Foundation enough for its support of Kiland. Our family will be forever grateful. Sincerely, Kyra Holland We want to say Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for the generosity the Travis Roy Foundation gave Christopher in allowing him to become more independent.

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Thank you for your compassion and understanding and helping keep Christopher moving forward, focusing on getting stronger, independent and hopefully one day to walk again. Christopher, Charles, and Belinda Cameron I wanted to share my excitement upon opening the letter of grant approval I was floored and in shock.

Through your generosity the ability to travel with my power chair which I need to become independent within my community as well as enjoying my outside hobbies with my family. This equipment will help to shape the way I live from this point on. I am truly humbled I am looking forward to go fishing in the spring.

Thank you again for your generosity I am truly humbled.English is an international language. We cannot communicate with the other corner of the world without English. Now the whole world is fully dependent on English. Question No (E-mail) - ENGLISH WORLD S.K.R. ~ In the end, do not forget to thank the reader in advance for considering and giving his/her valuable time to your request.

If you have a pre-designed letterhead of your organization, use it to write a donation request letter. Imaging, you are Asif/ Asif of 42, Mirpur Road, Dhaka and your friend Arif / Arifa lives at 10, Collegiate School Road, Chittagong.

Now, write a letter to your friend describing the . In writing a contribution letter, it is better if you mention your earlier social works, mention how hapless people got benefited from those activities. Thus the reader can have a positive perspective towards your work and can be helpful to you.

Sample Speech in English for Prize Distribution. To start with the greatest name of Allah Almighty, most gracious and most merciful.

I on behalf of the whole staff members welcome you all to the (insert the number of the term) result distribution ceremony.

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