You can find happiness and purpose in life by choosing to end toxic relationships

For most of my 20s and even my early 30s I had a perfect fairy-ideal of what romantic love was, probably because I was an actress and loved drama back then.

You can find happiness and purpose in life by choosing to end toxic relationships

Rachel January 20, at 8: I have said that before, and I was invigorated to discover that I was badly mistaken. I swear to you, time will do most of the work. Right now may be a difficult period, but each hour, day, and year will bring you strength and power; I can tell this because your presence on this page shows that you are seeking out a path of healing and forgiveness.

I have been catastrophically wronged before, and ironically it was in war that I came to a life changing realization: No one intentionally does harm to another, or acts out viciously, for no reason at all.

Then, I felt I had to understand or my anger and hurt would cripple me; My faith and spirit was dissipating as my hate grew. I had to reach and reach for understanding.

I finally realized that these terrorist, as small children, witnessed unbelievable amounts of violence. Their upbringing, culture, and family all played key roles in the actions of these terrorist.

Don’t Turn the Pursuit of Happiness Into Another Thing to Beat Yourself Up About.

This does not mean I am okay with their actions, but this understanding- empathy- frees me from hate and ill wishes. In every seemingly unforgivable situation or hurtful act lies reason. Sometimes deep, deep thought is necessary to understand why someone would do something that hurts me.

Sometimes I can tell that actions were carried out when emotions were too high, or due to miscommunication, or more so due to conflicting perceptions. Sometimes the only reasoning to discover is that the person is mentally ill, in which case they know not what they do.

You on the other hand Monique are blessed to be who you are. From your post I can tell you are a caring person who wishes for a peaceful heart.

Just remember, you are responsible for how you feel and how you choose to react. I may have said this before, but the fact that you ended up on this page -posting in this forum, shows that you are on the path of forgiveness. Although forgiveness is a personal, unique, and undefinable development that is never static…by seeking it you are already on the path.

By questioning forgiveness, you are already on the path.

You can find happiness and purpose in life by choosing to end toxic relationships

Rachel January 20, at 9: I hope you are doing better than well. Also, Thank you for contributing your personal experience to the forum.

Clear the toxic relationships out of your life. You can build new friendships; actively seek out new friends. Rachel January 20, at I know my initial reaction would probably be anger.

I wondered what transformed my thinking from bitterness, anger, and near hatred — to — understanding, peace, compassion, and empathy? Although the process towards peace took time, I never thought I would come close to it. The positive actions of others, especially in the face of utter negativity, is what remained with me.

To face hate with love takes a strong person. I can recall some remarkable situations much like the monk story you mentioned that I will never forget. Thank you, again, for the powerful words. I meant to thank you a while back, but an unusually busy schedule got the best of me. I was forced to slow down.

I am blessed that you have joined in the conversation! I did not ask her to do this and your post helped me begin to make steps to try and forgive her. I am not a techie person so I am also mad at myself for not learning to back up the pictures.

AgentSully February 10, at 5: Hopefully goodness in equal measure to what you lost will come to you.Using this three-step goal setting system, you now know the destination you’re travelling to, you have a roadmap to get you there, and the belief that you can. All that’s left to .

If you want to ensure that the joy of Sukkot lasts longer than your sukkah decorations, try some of Ben-Shahar's tools for happiness: start a gratitude journal, exercise, meditate, learn therapeutic cognitive techniques, simplify your life, set goals, identify your strengths and find your passion.

For a very long time I have been trying to find my purpose in life, and can only ask God to help me to find it or to help me to see it. I tell myself everyday that I have to be happy, that I should feel happy, but I just can’t feel happy sometimes. 13 Signs You're In A Toxic Relationship And It's Ruining Your Life.

You can find happiness and purpose in life by choosing to end toxic relationships

Happiness should be mutual. You can't seem to do anything right enough to sustain you. You can't relive the past. You can't help but reach out to this person, you have withdrawals when you don't. You tell yourself you are better than that but your heart always takes over.

Every time you go back to your toxic love you hope that things will be different this time. Most of us are aware that we are onto something because we have hope and find ourselves desiring and asking questions about love, happiness, and purpose.

But, in a culture that gives us conflicting answers, we may find ourselves lost.

Choosing Happiness